Day Seven: “Rural Spread vs. Environmental Degradation”

The above poster is the future scenario I created within my team, the drivers of change being Rural Spread vs. Environmental Degradation.

Our presentations remained constant in the sense that we were offering an optimised space used mainly for communication, providing an interconnecting base. Although everyone had a niche market, which slightly altered the purpose of the proposed service (mine in particular was about connecting community leaders). A common theme throughout our posters was the motif in the corner, showing a birds eye view (which further gave a more detailed view of the scenario at hand). Our poster’s in the end joined together and tied in with the motif, showing a diversity of Scenarios.

Overall, I was very pleased with our oral presentation on a collective level, as each member of the group developed their scenario comprehensively to the brief.

The speech follows below:

Today’s world, or whatever is left of it, has become a desolate and almost uninhabitable wasteland- all our natural resources have slowly dwindled and diminished from the face of the earth. All that’s left now is toxic, infertile, cracked land and water- ruined by the open cut mining and industrial pollution, as well as the rural spread of insufficient consumers over the last twenty years, all promoted by past government systems.

Our planet in recent years has become completely devoid of the flora and fauna we once boasted but evidently never took for granted. Emissions have led to global warming; striking our world in a disastrous way- the harsh, scorching, humid atmosphere has further shrunk our life expectancy to a number pinpointed at around 55.

Who would’ve thought our planet’s ecosystem could draw direct comparisons to Mars?

All that remains nowadays are these cold steel en-casements we live in called our “homes,” sparsely dispersed and scattered all over this dystopic globe. Unreliable, self-funded public transport is the only way we get around these days, but how long will that last? Our once connected lifestyle has turned remote and lost, unfulfilling that craving and inner desire to connect with each other and advance- that inner sense of belonging and achievement.

Today our secular divisions across the world are governed by self-appointed representatives of what life is left of each community, since the Government has betrayed us time after time. Our leaders eventually lost hope in humanity, vanishing one by one over the years due to the realisation of the obvious flaws and successive nosedive of their master plan, which was to scatter self-sufficient colonies all over the planet to consume on what resources we have left due to population density. The only way we connect these days is through trading and sharing our resources, as the will to survive and exist is the only thing that still lives on. Communications have suffered as a result, as we don’t have enough resources and must concentrate on living firsthand.

As a firm, Spatial aspires to address the lack of direction prevalent in our current world, looking for a way to create a virtual platform that runs self-sufficiently for the remaining innovators and leaders of each secular division.

We will garner the best designers from each division through the advertising of our firm (mainly on public transport and word-of-mouth. This proposed platform will provide an investigative ground to realistically test out ideas and tactics (without using real resources), preventing further harm to the already desolate environment.

We will look to re-power the dead, communication satellites setup throughout the world, through the re-implementation of solar energy- since the sun is at its peak and is always prevalent, thus providing limitless, resource free energy.

For additional funds and revenue, each community participating will be charged a fixed tax- as this firm will serve and look to give these people a world to look forward to in time.