Day Nine: “A Sudden Conclusion to a Semester’s Worth of Work”

I cannot believe today is already the closing day to this 3 week long subject. I remember having originally thinking that this subject would consist of dry, straightforward, essay business orientated assessments only a few weeks ago. Instead, to my surprise, it had actually turned out to be quite the stark opposite- an immersive, group induced subject that sparked a lot of questions in regards to how to cater for and design for upcoming, possible, future worlds.

I felt that through the framework of the assignments, I have learnt how to project and create future trends (through a couple of generated drivers of change), also learning how to cater toward these scenarios. I have also discovered a mass of diverse methods in presenting various aspects of future business through the use of a Design Pitch within the constraints of a group, focusing on areas such as; the Business model (finances, how we create value, how we get our product/service out there), as well as using Personas and Scenarios to engage clients on a deeper level of understanding, etc.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Annalise for the tutorials she provided and the manner in which she taught us during our lessons- which was in simple words very easy to grasp and succinct in every way. I’d also like to thank my fellow group members- Zoe Champion, Jake Lennon and Megan Taggart. Working amongst each other was not only interesting and thought provoking, but it actually turned out to be an enjoyable, learning process over these past few weeks (as we were also from different design backgrounds). Our final design pitch felt very successful due to the hard work each of us had collectively put in as a group. I honestly could not have asked for a better group. Thank you.


Day Eight: “Preparing the Design Pitch”

Today we spent the whole day revising over all our notes regarding our upcoming design pitch for the big day tomorrow, further refining our PowerPoint slides and making sure that we had touched base in all aspects in regards to our service- InterSpace.

We also put together a video of the forum/pitch involving the CEO’s (the panel) through a variety of webcams featuring us, the design cast, speaking and explaining our concept and proposal. In doing this through a separated room, we are able to show that lack of communication from our future world. Obviously this is no way to communicate successfully in a Design Pitch, especially when we aspire to bring people together. Eventually we enter the meeting room, make that personal connection of shaking hands with our CEO’s and continue on with our proposal.

Obviously we must make sure that our design pitch must be selective in regards to which clients we pursue, as this saves time, resources and money. The ability to identify an ideal target market, which in our case are the corporate workers, will improve our business’ success.1

Below are our two scenarios we will be utilising during our pitch:

We’ll also be using a persona within scenario writing during our pitch, visually depicting life scenarios with & without InterSpace. This was helpful early on, able to assist us during the development phase- as we now can identify targeted consumer needs as well as determine potential paths of user interaction as well as identifying user needs.2

All in all, I’m very confident with our concept, overall pitch, as well as the design team and the members within. We have thoroughly prepared over the past two weeks, and haven’t fallen off track at all this year from start to finish. Bring on tomorrow!!!


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